Greetings from the Moon.

Two weeks into my 29th year (WHAT?!), here is quick catch up of my life post crash land on the moon.

We moved out of my in-laws’ basement. To Bloomington/Normal, aka the Twin Cities, with a total combo population of somewhere around 100,000 people. A quick scan of the landscape reveals a love of subdivisions, restaurant dining and surprisingly/excitingly… fuel efficient cars. So, a two for three win in my eyes and the Prius is settling in nicely. Our move was into a house we purchased—EEEEEEEEEEEEEE—and have begun to turn into our own. We only have a kitchen, bathroom, ½ bath, backyard, windows, front porch, roof and siding to go. No big deal. It’s a super simple task to bring a 100 year old home into this century. Think knob and tube wiring. Easy peasy.

The day we closed on our house, my baby brother and his wife gave me a beautiful little niece! Well, they didn’t actually give her to me—yes, I asked and sometimes pretend she is mine—but they seem to be okay with letting me love on her. A good place to start. Charlotte SuzAnne is the name of the little precious angel, who happens to be one of the cutest babies I have ever set eyes on, and not just because she is [partially-ish] mine. Look at that photo. That nose! Those eyes! Great lips! It’s crazy to think that my brother is someone’s father. Who okayed that situation? God, have you been drinking again?

Let’s see…what else?

Oh yes, I have rejoined the work force. And in a totally different capacity—I was hired by a fab hotel in the Twin Cities as an event and meeting manager. Come one, come all and plan an event!

Life is slower out here in the middle. But not really less busy. Also, the seafood isn’t great (read: terrible) and Old Bay is not really a thing here. But good burgers are, so that is a pretty decent consolation.

So quick recap of life post DC: House, niece, job, cancer cure. We got what we came for; I guess it’s time to go home!