Serendipitous BFF.

There are some events in life where divine intervention cannot be overlooked... 

The setting is the balmy summer of 2006 in Washington, DC. Two young, wide eyed college juniors from Colorado and Illinois were kicking off their summer internships in a Capitol Hill bar. After realizing the same weasely staffer was buying them drinks, the two ladies wisely teamed up and told him to get lost. (And years later credited karma for his unsuccessful bid for a Congressional seat. Boo hoo.) The girls exchanged numbers with shrieks of girl power and promised to get lunch, drinks or go shopping sometime. Certainly with no intentions of ever following through.

With what happens next, you just can't help but tip your hat to the man upstairs.

It just so happened that one of the girls had lived in DC the semester prior to summer, living in studio apartment just two blocks away from the bar. When the school year came to a close, she decided to extend her stay in the nation's capitol and moved to a nearby house shared with seven other interns. With the apartment vacant, the other girl moved in, assigned to the living space by her own intern program. Yes, the exact same apartment.

Shortly after their meeting, girl number two began receiving unforwarded mail addressed to her promised new friend and remembered she had her number to track her down. Now actually needing to keep honest on their vow to get together, they did. And then did again. And then went to a concert together and did go shopping, and to get lunch and drinks. And by the end of that summer had forged a friendship. It could have ended there and months could have turned into years, where they became little more than friends on Facebook, giving the thumbs up to occasional pictures. But, it didn't.

Fast forward nearly eight years.

A few months ago, as the two of us were driving through DC after having been roommates on two different occasions, vacationed together, cried together, laughed together, celebrated together, plotted together, been horrifically honest together, and made good and bad decisions together, I couldn't help at marvel at how fabulously life works. We have been through the trenches and back again and she even stood up with me and meticulously manipulated the seating chart on my wedding day. While driving down New York Ave and harmoniously belting out early 90s country music--a la Garth, Reba and Trisha--I thought back to those young girls and how excited they would be to know they were each meeting someone who would play a significant part in the rest of the other's life.

Happy birthday to one of my very best friends, my soul sister and partner in crime--Remy, Remalicious, Remalaude, Remington--you are inspiring, supportive, the best critic and such a blessing! I'm so glad you didn't forward your mail in 2006. 

Update from the middle coast.

Jackson's stylish new scarf.
I’m nearing the two month mark as a recycled Midwesterner and can say I’m adjusting. Though perhaps not with great speed or ease, I’m getting there.  In the past 58 days, I have discovered pros and cons to rural living, began to understand that FaceTime is gift from God, and found that under almost all circumstances I despise the concept of drive through dining.

This is a real life burger. No kidding.
Also, oh ALSO! I am learning how to crochet! Thus far I have made an oversized coaster and a dog scarf. Impressed? I am too. My mother-in-law tells me I’m a quick study, and while I’m sure she is full of flattery, I’ll take the compliment to fuel me into my next project: human scarf. Not like made of humans, for one to wear.

Get well card for my Grandpa
from my sweet nephew (age 7).
What else…let’s see…I really want a Team USA Olympic sweater--you know, the wild, American made, knitted ones the athletes wore in the Opening Ceremonies--but have yet to find a benefactor. I have also been writing a lot (not for nonsense, for income) and am really enjoying freelance employment as I continue to seek out the next step in my career. Actually, it may come as a shock, but I have remained unpredictably busy and the reconnecting, roots returning, renaissance of the soul I expected this pilgrimage would bring, has been put on hold.

Right now I’m working on projects as they come my way, reacquainting myself with good cheeseburgers, and most importantly, focused on helping my grandpa kick cancer’s ass. Truthfully, even if this move was the worst idea in the history of ideas, and compared side by side, my life in DC were to stack up taller (neither of which I think will turn out to be true), the ability my new habitat provides to be with my grandparents as they face one of the biggest challenges of their lives, makes it all worthwhile. I know right now, at this moment, I am exactly where I am supposed to be.