And on the third day, God created Cashmere.

On the eve of one of the BIGGEST days of my life, I’d like to give thanks to my family, my husband, my friends and my coworkers, who I know will graciously hold back their eye rolls as I waltz on cloud nine. Yes, shrieks are sure to be frequent as I prepare to enter this new chapter. And most definitely, I will be talking about it most of the day and those tol follow until the newness wears off. So again, thank you all for your shared joy and enthusiasm.

Tomorrow JCrew opens the doors to its newest store—located on the same block as my condo.
In just a few short hours, and until I breath my last breath as a resident of Penn Quarter, starting at 10 a.m. each day I will have the luxury of walking out my backdoor and directly (well, directly into the alley, a sharp left turn and then about another 20 feet) into the house that God built. The Mecca where greatness is dressed.

My dreams have finally materialized and I am near to discovering pure bliss.

Gone are the days when I have nothing to wear. So too are the times when standing between me that boldly patterned skirt, clearly necessary to sustaining my existence, are bridges and tunnels, or buses or even the bane of my existence, UPS.

You may think that I am extremely materialistic--which may be a correct judgment--or vapid--which I assure you I am not--but my relationship with Jcrew is one that has stood the test of time. When I was living through the horror of adolescence and my boney ass, awkwardly lankly build had me nearing self-consciousness, JCrew was there to rescue me providing tasteful clothing that fit (though I can’t slight my mama for understanding and financing my confindence). When I feared entering the professional world meant trading in color for drab suit jackets, JCrew assured me that mature doesn’t have to be boring. When I needed that perfect dress for, well, any event in my life, JCrew did not did not let me down. And when I really wanted those matchstick neon jeans, JCrew did not lie and tell me they were flattering and belonged in my closet.

Through my many phases, addresses and attitudes, JCrew has stood by and never failed. Already a confidant, cheerleader and enabler, tomorrow my dear old pal gains another title—neighbor.

Now if Dusty would just agree with me that I should get a part time job…

Happy place.

From the creators of the always hysterical Someecards is an equally side cramping website of uploads--Happy Place. Some lists are wildly inappropriate, of course, teetering the fine line of funny and just wrong, while others are a little more family friendly. "More of the Greatest Inappropriate Test Answers from Young Children," falls somewhere in between. The perfect balance between distasteful and cc-able to those that Gmail insists you include.

Here are a couple teasers-children can be so awesome. Browse through the rest of the post and prepare for your mascara to run (ladies, or boys who accentuate your blinkers). Also you may want to ensure that any to-do items on your list that have approaching deadlines are complete, because this site is a time sucker!

Recovering sleep addict.

As a self proclaimed master of the sleeping arts, a new obsession has caught me by surprise. I really enjoy sleep of any variety--midday weekend naps topping the list--though I can't say 2012 has given me much opportunity to perfect the craft. My schedule has really put a damper on what most would call a healthy night's sleep and it has slowly been spinning out of control. Where God didn't give us hours in the day, I have added them by simply ignoring my exhaustion. But something had to give, because the wrinkles under my eyes have become quite cozy and it's not a good look.

A recent book featured on the Today Show, however, has a sparked a new obsessive behavior, which may put me back on a boarding school schedule--purposefully rising early. We're talking like, waking before necessary, just because. Let me say that again, because yes, you read correctly. Just because.

Within the pages of, What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, Laura Vanderkam discusses the power those couple of hours between the pillow and the commute can hold. She theorizes that allowing yourself time to rise and focus on personal tasks, people are prone to be more productive, happy and healthy. I have discovered much truth to her theory and am beginning to really look forward to my mornings--breakfast with the hubby, emails to my girlfriends, coffee while it's still warm and not a running-out-the-door gulp, getting ready at a slow pace and spending thoughtful time on things that are important to probably no one but me. I never realized how much stress my old routine of sleeping until the last possible minute, leaving no room for error, let alone an extra minute, was causing. Now when the front door closes behind me I feel relaxed and ready to take on the day.

Eventually I hope to reunite with old hobbies, perhaps practice yoga or go to the gym, maybe even take the dog for walks. In the infancy of my new morning adventures, though, I am perfectly content simply checking things off my list and hanging out with America's First Family. (Matt, Savannah, Natalie and Al for all of you Good Morning America-ers who don't know the reference.)

Check out the book--it's $2.99 for Nook and Kindle--and for those of you who tend to be morning rushers like I did, give mornings a shot!

Making a comeback.

Consider this sabbatical over. It is surprising how much one person can accomplish while attempting to completely avoid something. Like papers, discussion posts and reading assignments. Like those somethings. On the "how much" side of the picture however, we have closet reorganization, nail painting, baseboard cleaning, make up sorting, Facebook stalking, letter writing, bridal shower planning and TAAA DAAA, blog rediscovery and refreshing. Add napping to that list, too; let's just be honest.
A sneak attack photo of a real
life attempt at domestication.

I have really missed writing for nonsense; I write a lot for work and school, but lately--as in the past nine months, lately--I haven't had time to string together words just for the sake of doing such. Maybe it's just an effort to ignore the schoolwork weighing on me, or maybe this is a new side to a new leaf, but I'm hoping the latter. If for no other reason than to have my memories and thoughts eternalized, so that I may revisit and relive the ethos of the experience I share in this outlet. And if my ramblings strike a chord with someone else, that is a pretty fabulous bonus. Or perk. Scratch bonus, add perk.

So here's to another new era for Attempted Domestication, aka The Sanity Project. How do y'all stay sane--what do you do just for you?