Sound Financial Advice

My fellow comrades in writing, friendship, food, traveling, complaining and well, life in general, Miss Another Twenty Something and formerly known as Miss Apartment 16, now The Bored Carnivore are making an attempt to bring back tandem blogging. Yes, I said attempt; I'm making no promises of regularity. They have not created Activia for daily schedules and I haven't caught wind of it yet--did I miss something? Okay then, since my day-to-day work load is constant turbulence, no promises.

The question at hand: What is the best piece of financial advice you have ever received?

My Grandma Dood--hmmm, or maybe it was my Grandpa Gary who told me first...okay so my grandparents--shared a financial "rule of thumb" with me, before I was cut loose into the scary big world. My Great-Grandfather Russell followed a credit card creed, and never charged anything to a credit card that he would not still have when the bill arrived. Think about it -- who wants to pay for groceries you ate a month ago, fuel that drove you to work and back a week ago, or a manicure that is already chipping?

I know that in today's plastic centric shopping environment, everyone is AmEx crazy to receive their fantastic points. Fine. But, are you paying your entire bill every month? Because you don't get the points until you pay. If you still insist on the convenience of electronic money, see if your bank offers a debit card with rewards--this combines convenience and keeps you on track with your real budget.

That's about all I've got on finances. I think we all know numbers are not my strong point and shopping is. But, I'm getting...better...?


  1. Nice one! Cheers! I bet your Grandpa Gary came up with that manicure example.