Mid-Week Excursus: BlackBerry v. G1

The end of the week excursus that never was…Mark and I have found it is much more difficult to brainstorm varying topics in which our views are differentiated by more than a fine line. There is one thing we can completely disagree on, though – our cell phones, or for you techies, our pda’s. So hear goes a debate for the history books:

BlackBerry v. G1

Hand in hand, my BlackBerry and I have come of age together. After I graduated from college and made the I-70 trek east, my mom handed over my bills one by one. The first one up – cell phone. And that is when I met BlackBerry, my first real responsibility. And despite its lame belt holster and click wheel, I loved it just the same.

Since then my BlackBerry has undergone a few upgrades and is now a metallic pink with a lovely roller ball. And I have diamond on my left hand and a lovely partner in crime (read: husband). My obvious support behind BlackBerry is far more than my emotional attachment. Today, especially in my neck of the woods, it’s rare to cross a street, take a seat in a bar, hop on a train where people typing furiously on their tiny connection to the rest of the world.
While technologically, aesthetically, Google-y, the BlackBerry is obviously no match for the likes of the iPhone, Droid or even….sigh…the G1. They are sleek, exciting and pretty damn cool. These phones, however, cannot match the wide spread use and fan base of BlackBerry. It’s not the kind of “if she jumped off a bridge, would you too?” I need to have a BlackBerry because she does phenomena. BlackBerry has simply become America’s phone; the darling of the fierce consumer competition. 

Each of the competing fancy shmancy touch phones with the interactive main screens and infamous “apps” are sold exclusively by the competing providers. You want a G1? I hope you are subscribed to T-Mobile. The BlackBerry, however, reaches across all party lines. T-Mobile – BlackBerry. Sprint – Blackberry. Verizon – Blackberry. And once you are member of the BlackBerry community, you have access to BlackBerry chat which connects you to any and all community members, regardless of provider. Oh and yeah, we’ve got apps.

The stigma that was once attached to the pda is long passed; BlackBerry is no long the phone of suit clad business men. Students, carpenters, fundraisers, assistants, moms, dads – they are all BB chatting.

The G1 can find where you parked your car, but the network may blink out when you are driving through the mountains, so don’t park there.

Sorry, there is always a winner and a loser.

(Click here to read Mark's rebuttal)

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