Everything Candy Corn

In an homage to my favorite candy that comes but once a year, check out all of the fun things either made with, inspired by or tasted resembling the fabulous vegetable impersonating treat:

- Easy Candy Corn Cookies: Made with a sugar cookie mix, for an easier and less time consuming kitchen experience.
- Candy Corn Cocktail: This calls for gin, but I'm thinking for us gin opponents, rum can be substituted.
- Candy Corn Fudge: Butterscotch chips are on the ingredients list -- interesting.
- Candy Corn Cupcakes: The never ending baking trend even salutes candy corn.
- Candy Corn Shots: For the big league drinkers, or just those more professional than I. These can also be made into drinks.
- Candy Corn Cupcakes with frosting recipe: I stand corrected -- this calls for GRANULATED sugar.
- Chocolate Candy Corn Rice Krispy Treats: Who wouldn't love this?
- Homemade Candy Corn: Perhaps yours will be better than Brach's.

Check out some more fun ideas -- including candy corn fruit pops! -- from the Chicago Tribune: All Things Candy Corn. And a very important article regarding the affects of eating generic candy corn: Read before eating.

I think I'll begin with an inspired cocktail.

It's the small things

It really is amazing, or perhaps disturbing, how little things can really change a person's mood. Like the simple allowance of jeans in the checklist of acceptable work attire for tomorrow. Just the knowledge that tomorrow I can wake up and put on jeans -- which really aren't that much different than any other pants that I would normally wear to work -- has had a definite positive effect on my disposition today. Seriously, this isn't a joke. Apparently jeans in the workplace is like Prozac for the soul. I suppose this isn't true for folks whose employer dress code allows for jeans on a more regular basis, but here at the corner of 18th and N and on the eve of jeans day number two of my entire career thus far, the air is a little lighter.

Cawley Wedding Photos

In an effort to centralize my presence on the World Wide Web, you can now access our wedding photos by clicking on this link:


Also, through December, by calling or ordering via email friends and family -- which, if you are reading this blog, you probably are covered by that umbrella -- will receive 10% off of their order.

Disclaimer: There are nearly 2,000 photos, so be prepared to invest your afternoon. Once you begin, exiting the browser is next to impossible. :)

"Everything is better with a stick of butter!" -- Lisa Z.

The little Bisters got hitched over the weekend -- more details regarding the fabulous nuptials to come! -- and the whole weekend was filled with happiness, love and of course, not straying from the norm...delicious food.

Jayme's new sister-in-law and baking extraordinaire, created cupcake works of art for the rehearsal dinner. They were adorned with frosting that left us forgetting about the dresses we were supposed to be fitting into the next day. Since she was kind enough to share the recipe, I feel the need to pass it on too, because it is just to good to keep to myself! So here it is....ENJOY.

Dunaway Wedding Icing
1/2 cup (1 stick) margarine
1/2 cup Crisco
1 1/2 pounds confectioner's (POWDERED!) sugar
1 teaspoon clear vanilla
1 teaspoon popcorn salt
5-6 tablespoon milk
Mix all ingredients together with (Kichenaid) whisk attachment for four to five minutes. Begin slowly and gradually move up to medium high.

New Airline of Choice: SOUTHWEST

Over the weekend, I traveled to my old stomping grounds of Central Illinois for my best friend's bachelorette party -- and, yes, the party was fun. I had booked my tickets over a month ago and got a steal for $150 round trip. Or so I thought.

Attempting to check-in online on Sunday, I continuously received an error stating that I could only check in less than 24 hours before my flight. Duh, my flight left in 9 hours...again, or so I thought. Unfortunately when I looked more closely at my ticket -- or perhaps really for the first time -- it read "departure: June 13, 2010." NO WAY. There is no way I made a mistake that glaring and preventable. But, as it turns out, American Airlines was so quick to point out, I must have chosen the wrong date on accident. Really? Thanks, that will really help me get back to the East Coast in time to haul myself out of bed for work in the morning.
I usually pride myself in ability to well, quite frankly, get what I want, but this time there was no budging. American Airlines would charge me $1182 PLUS $150 to change the flight. One more time, helpful. So after a mild panic attack, a threatening of annulment from my husband and exhausting all other options possible, it was suggested that I call Southwest Airlines. At one point in the afternoon they had offered a ticket that evening for $216 -- sigh, more than the whole trip had originally cost -- but I had waited too long and all of the evening flights were scooped up.

Finally I gave in and called Southwest and who should answer but Angel, seriously, her name was Angel. She explained that all of the seats were indeed reserved for the rest of the evening, but she had an idea. At this point, I was desperate. She said she could put me on a flight for the next morning and I would be back in D.C. by 9:30 a.m. and only a couple of hours late to work. AND -- here's what sealed the deal -- she would continue to monitor the evening flights and would call me and switch my reservation if something popped up. WHAT?! When was the last time you received service like that ANYWHERE? Needless to say, I thanked her and did not expect to hear from Angel again. But call she did. She had continued to watch the flight as promised and as soon as an open seat popped up she nabbed it for me and I made it home at the exact same time I originally would have -- $216 less in my pocket, but whose counting.
Folks, I'm telling you, Southwest is the way to fly. All reservations are fully refundable and changeable -- none of this thousand dollar plus a fee bullshit. So should you ever book a flight for say, the entire wrong year, changing it will be no problem and FREE. Oh and did I mention you don't pay to check a bag. Simply fabulous.

Let's hear it -- snaps for Southwest